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This website is for owners who do not support the way the club committee are handling the dispute with WimPen or are undecided but want to see a peaceful end to this unnecessary and expensive dispute

At the AGM in 2015, Los Claveles owners apparently voted to terminate WimPen’s contract to act as administrator. In our view, this was a knee-jerk reaction to Ivan Pengelly’s decision to sell his shares to OnaGrup, because he felt they were the best company to help rent our vacant space. The committee were offended that they were not given prior notice, and unlike other resorts, were not prepared to allow them time to settle and go through their learning curve.

The decision was also premature, if the committee had waited for WimPen’s contract to expire and held a full general meeting of all owners, a new administrator could have been appointed without the need for this dispute if that is what owners wanted.

The voting was  863 for and 823 against.  However, that vote was only won because we understand the chairman used his discretionary proxies to vote for his personal preference and against the room. Whereas it is accepted tradition in these circumstances, for such an important vote, that a chairman should listen to the debate and use any discretionary proxies to vote ‘with the room’.

In the room, in favour of the motion to terminate WimPen’s contract there were 236 votes. Against there were 329 votes. Had he cast his discretionary votes with the room, the result would have been very different.

The Owners’ Facebook page is heavily censored, opponents are banned and controversial posts against the committee are not accepted.

We are therefore building an independent working group to challenge the current committee, to undo changes to the constitution, to open constructive communications with WimPen and to keep owners informed of the truth.

Our aim is to simply help owners enjoy a peaceful holiday, without Financial loss and away from the anxiety that this dispute has caused so many owners.

For open and honest discussion, please join our Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/losclavelesdebates/

Also, see the Development Owners Associaltion website

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